4.3 Post-Migration Tasks

Perform the steps listed in Section 3.8, Post-Installation Tasks. After the new driver is operating properly, you can remove the Fan-Out driver components as follows:

  1. Delete the Platform object from the Fan-Out driver configuration.

  2. Remove Platform Services from the connected system:

    1. Remove ASAMPWD from the QPWDVLDPGM system value.

    2. Remove the ASAM library from your library list.

    3. Remove the ASAM library and /usr/local/ASAM directory created by Platform Services installation.

  3. If this is the last platform being served by the Fan-Out driver, you can uninstall the core driver:

    1. Remove the ASAM directory from the file system.

    2. Remove the ASAM System container object and all of its subordinates from the tree.

    3. Uninstall the Fan-Out driver plug-ins.