D.4 Files and Directories Modified by Installing the Driver Shim

D.4.1 Driver Shim Directory

When you install the driver, the /opt/novell/usdrv or C:\Program Files\Novell\WSDriver directory is created and populated with driver-related files and subdirectories.

D.4.2 /usr/sbin Files (Linux/UNIX only)

The following commands are added to /usr/sbin:

Table D-4 Driver Commands Placed in /usr/sbin




Uninstalls the Scripting driver


Updates the configuration

D.4.3 init.d Files (Linux/UNIX only)

Commands to start, stop, and display the status of the driver are added to the appropriate file for the connected system operating system.

Table D-5 Commands for Starting, Stopping, and Displaying the Status of the Driver Shim

Operating System










D.4.4 Man Pages (Linux/UNIX only)

The installation process adds man pages for the driver shim, change log update command, and shared memory tool to /usr/man.

D.4.5 Driver Shim Configuration File

The installation program places a default driver shim configuration file at /etc/usdrv.conf on Linux and UNIX. On Windows, this file is wsdrv.conf in the conf directory in the installation directory.

D.4.6 Windows Support Files (Windows only)

Support files such as DLLs for the Visual C++ runtime are installed on Windows systems in the WinSxS directory (usually C:\Windows\WinSxS). If the driver shim is uninstalled, these files are removed.