2.0 Implementation Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure that you complete all of the tasks required to set up and use the Entitlements Service driver.

Table 2-1 Entitlements Service Driver Implementation Checklist



  • Create the entitlements you want managed by the Entitlements Service driver

The entitlements, and the policies required to implement them, must be created for the appropriate drivers. For example, if you want an Active Directory User Account entitlement, the entitlement must be created on the Active Directory driver and the driver’s policies must include the actions required to grant and revoke the user account.

For instructions, see the Identity Manager 3.6.1 Entitlements Guide.

  • Create a new Entitlements Service driver


    Upgrade an existing Entitlements Service driver to the new version

By default, the Entitlements Service driver files (driver shim and configuration file) are copied to the Metadirectory server when the Metadirectory engine is installed. You need to use the configuration file to create a driver in each driver set where you want to use Role-Based Entitlements. For instructions, see the Identity Manager 3.6.1 Entitlements Guide

If you have an existing driver to upgrade, see Section 4.0, Upgrading an Existing Driver.

  • Create entitlement policies

The Entitlements Service driver uses entitlement policies to grant entitlements to and revoke entitlements from users.

For instructions, see Section 5.0, Creating Entitlement Policies.