6.2 Defining Schema Mapping

Different LDAP servers have different schemas. When the driver is first started, it queries the server for the specific schema.

You must be familiar with the characteristics of directory attributes and the LDAP server attributes. The driver handles all LDAP attribute types (cis, ces, tel, dn, int, bin). It also handles the eDirectory Facsimile Telephone Number.

When mapping attributes, follow these guidelines:

The driver doesn’t provide data conversion between different attribute types or conversions from multivalue to single-value attributes. The driver also doesn’t understand structured attributes except for Facsimile Telephone Number and Postal Address.

Identity Manager is flexible about the syntax that it accepts coming in from the Publisher:

The following steps provide instructions for modifying the Schema Mapping Policy in iManager. For information about using Designer, see Defining Schema Map Policies in the Policies in Designer 4.0 guide.

  1. In iManager, open the LDAP driver Overview page:

    1. Click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

    2. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview.

    3. If the driver set is not listed on the Driver Sets tab, use the Search In field to search for and display the driver set.

    4. Click the driver set to open the Driver Set Overview page.

    5. Click the LDAP driver icon to display its Overview page.

  2. Click the schema mapping icon on the Publisher or Subscriber channel.

  3. Click the policy to display the editing page.

  4. Edit the policy as appropriate for your setup.