7.1 About Portlet Administration

You can use the Portlet Admin page to control the portlets available in the Identity Manager user interface and who has permission to access them. Portlets are pluggable user-interface elements (based on a Java standard) that provide the content for pages in the user interface, including container pages and shared pages. Table 7-1 describes how to manage portlets.

Table 7-1 Managing Portlets

What you work with


Portlet definitions

Descriptors (read from portlet.xml) that specify portlet configuration parameters. There is one definition for each portlet in an application.

See Section 7.2, Administering Portlet Definitions.

Portlet registrations

Registrations of portlets, based on their definitions. Multiple registrations of the same portlet can exist in a single portlet application.

See Section 7.3, Administering Registered Portlets.

For details on the portlets provided with the Identity Manager user interface, see Section IV, Portlet Reference. To learn about using portlets on container pages and shared pages, see Section 6.0, Page Administration.