10.2 Admin Portlets

The portlets in the Admin category are used to control the layout and contents of the user interface.

IMPORTANT:You should not use or modify these portlets. They provide framework services to the User Application.

Table 10-1 describes Admin portlets.

Table 10-1 Admin Portlets

Portlet Name


Header Portlet

Displays the header information and top-level tab controls for the user interface.

There are no preferences for this portlet.

Shared Page Navigation

Displays a menu containing the Identity Manager User Application shared pages.

Preferences define what is displayed and how it is displayed.

See Section 10.2.1, Shared Page Navigation Portlet.

10.2.1 Shared Page Navigation Portlet

The Shared Page Navigation portlet generates links to the Identity Manager User Application’s shared pages. Preference settings define the shared page links that are displayed. Table 10-2 describes the preferences for the Shared Page Navigation portlet.

Table 10-2 Shared Page Navigation Portlet: Preferences


What to Specify


The order in which the shared pages are displayed within a category: Ascending/Descending.


How to sort the shared pages: Alphabetical or Priority.


Specify one or more of the shared pages categories.

The category name displays as a header with all of the shared pages in that category displayed as links. If a category does not contain any shared pages, then it does not display. If the shared page is not in a category, then it displays as uncategorized.


Specify a category whose portlets you want to display in the portal landing page. It must be a pre-existing category and the pages contained in this category must not have any ACL read constraints.