10.3 Identity portlets

The Identity portlets are used by the Identity Self-Service tab of the Identity Manager User Application. Table 10-3 lists the Identity portlets.

Table 10-3 Identity Portlets

Portlet Name


Associations Report

Shows the DirXML-Associations attributes for the logged on user. This attribute maps a user to an external application. There are no preferences for this portlet.


Provides a wizard-based interface that enables users to create objects in the Identity Vault.

See Section 11.0, Create Portlet Reference.


Lets users display and manipulate an entity’s attribute data.

See Section 12.0, Detail Portlet Reference.

Org Chart

Lets users view and browse the hierarchical relationships between objects in the Identity Vault.

See Section 13.0, Org Chart Portlet Reference.

Resource Request

Lets you provide access to resource requests to anonymous or guest users. You must create a new shared page for this portlet and ensure that the page is available to guest or anonymous users. See Section 14.0, Resource Request Portlet.

Search List

Allows users to search for objects in the Identity Vault.

See Section 15.0, Search List Portlet Reference.

At runtime, the identity portlets might also call the ContainerLookup portlet or the ParamLookup portlet depending on user interaction. The ContainerLookup portlet is launched by the identity portlets when the user performs a lookup on a container object, and the ParamLookup portlet is launched when the user performs a lookup on an attribute. Users launch these portlets by clicking the Lookup button. These portlets have a similar runtime appearance.

Figure 10-1 Sample ParamLookup Portlet

These portlets are also referred to as object selectors, and their contents are defined by the DNLookup definition in the directory abstraction layer. There are no preferences for these portlets, and you cannot add them to a page. The only time you might modify them is when you allow guest access to the identity portlets. The modifications that you need to make for guest access are described in each identity portlet reference section.