7.4 Branch Activity

In a workflow that supports parallel processing, the Branch activity allows multiple users to act on different areas of the work item in parallel. After the users have completed their work, the Merge activity synchronizes the incoming branches in the flow.

A workflow can have multiple Branch activities, but each Branch activity must have an associated Merge activity. All flow paths leading out of a Branch activity will execute.

The Branch activity does not support synchronization between the branches while they are executing. Each branch must not depend on data being updated in another branch. The data synchronization is enforced by the Merge activity. After the Merge activity completes, all of the data set in the branches is available.

7.4.1 Properties

The Branch activity has the following properties:

Table 7-12 Branch Activity Properties

Property Name



Provides a name for the activity.

7.4.2 Data Item Mapping

Not supported with this activity.

7.4.3 E-Mail Notification

Not supported with this activity.