7.1 Installing the User Application from the Console

This procedure describes how to install the Identity Manager User Application by using the console (command line) version of the installer.

NOTE:The installation program requires the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition Development Kit version 1.5. If you use an earlier or later version, the installation procedure does not successfully configure the User Application WAR file. The installation appears to succeed, but you encounter errors when trying to start the User Application.

  1. Once you have obtained the appropriate installation files described in Table 2-2, log in and open a terminal session.

  2. Launch the installer for your platform with Java as described below:

    java -jar IdmUserApp.jar -i console

  3. Follow the same steps described for the graphical user interface under Section 4.0, Installing on JBoss by Using the GUI Installer, reading the prompts at the command line and entering responses at the command line, through the steps on importing or creating the master key.

  4. To set the User Application configuration parameters, manually launch the configupdate utility. At a command line, enter configupdate.sh (Linux or Solaris) or configupdate.bat (Windows), and fill in values as described in Section A.1, User Application Configuration: Basic Parameters.

  5. If you are using an external password management WAR, manually copy it to the install directory and to the remote JBoss server deploy directory that runs the external password WAR functionality.

  6. Continue with Section 8.0, Post-Installation Tasks.