18.0 Managing User LDAP Servers

NovellĀ® iFolderĀ® uses your user LDAP directory to authenticate users on the iFolder server. The User LDAP directory stores the iFolder Server Name and the Disk Quota attribute to User objects for user accounts you have enabled for iFolder services. For information on enabling users, see Provisioning User Objects for iFolder Services.

Use multiple LDAP directories, if needed, to maintain your current organization and group management even in the event of a server failure. Regardless of how many iFolder servers in your iFolder system, you can specify up to eight User LDAP directories.

Whenever you add an LDAP server through the iFolder Management Console for user authentication, you must log in, using an admin username that has write privileges to the LDAP server or servers you plan to modify or add.

This section describes the following User LDAP management tasks:

For more information on how iFolder and LDAP work together, see Section 2.0, Understanding the Novell iFolder Architecture.