F.2 January 2014

From OES 11 SP2 onwards, OpenSUSE is not supported as iFolder client. Hence, all the references of OpenSUSE for this release are removed.

Updates were made to the following section.

F.2.1 Installing and Configuring iFolder Services



Section 6.2.1, Configuring the iFolder Enterprise Server

Moved Step 8 - NSS file system trustee rights and made it Step 2.

Section 6.12, Updating iFolder 3.9.x

This section is modified to delete the version configuration file details.

F.2.2 Troubleshooting Tips For Novell iFolder

F.2.3 Product History of iFolder 3



Section E.0, Product History of iFolder 3

  • Updated this section to reflect version 3.9.2

  • Removed the versions earlier than 3.6