4.0 Multi-Server (Master-Master) Deployment

A multi-server (master-master) setup consists of multiple domains that are created so that master servers can communicate to each other. A master-master setup is particularly useful for organizations that have multiple independent departments that do not need to communicate with each other. Also, this setup is beneficial for organizations that have offices in different geographical locations where each location needs its own domain.

A multi-server (master-master) setup is illustrated in the following figure. In this setup, all three servers host the iFolder server, Web Access console, and Web Admin console. Each of these servers is independent from the others and serve an independent set of clients. The clients or users connected to these servers can view and share iFolders with users of the same server only. User authentication is done through the eDirectory secure LDAP protocol.

Figure 4-1 Multi Server

The following sections describe the multi-server (master-master) iFolder setup.