4.4 Deployment Scenarios

A multi-server (master-master) setup is particularly beneficial for enterprises that have multiple lines of businesses spread across different geographical locations. The following sections discuss the deployment scenarios for a multi-sever (master-master) setup:

4.4.1 Functional Grouping

Consider the example of a global consulting firm that provides consultancy services on information management, construction services, and automobile manufacturing. The employees of a particular consulting do not need to communicate with employees of other groups because the nature of the work in each consulting group might be entirely different.

In this case you can deploy the iFolder in master-master setup, based on the storage need, frequency of access, and nature of access. Also, if heavy Web access is expected for a particular domain, then a separate Web Access server can be configured.

4.4.2 Specialized Services

Using master-master setup, specialized services can be also be provided for a particular domain. For instance, a particular domain can use BCC to enhance the response time, have a unique set of policies, and use an individual Web Access server to support the users on the move.