7.0 Multi-Server Master-Slave Deployment in a Cluster

In a multi-server cluster scenario, the setup consists of multiple servers with up to 1000 simultaneous connections at a time. The iFolder server and the database are located on a single Open Enterprise Server (OES) server with client workstations connected to it.

Figure 7-1 Multi-Server Cluster

In a multi-server setup, one master and multiple slaves participate in a single iFolder domain. Thousands of users communicate with the domain and each server services a different set of users. Multiple servers are involved for users who share iFolders across the organization.

Cluster-enabling a multi-server setup involves multiple iFolder servers in different clusters so that the master and slave do not end up in the same node during failover/failback operations. If a single cluster is used for multi-server iFolder service, then during iFolder configuration, you must ensure that each slave resource uses a mutually exclusive set of cluster nodes to perform failover or failback, in order to avoid any collisions with either the master server or other slave servers.

The following sections describe the multi-server cluster setup.