7.5 Deployment Scenarios

A multi-sever setup in a cluster environment is beneficial where high availability is needed and high volatility is expected. The following deployment cases discuss how a multi-server (master-slave) setup can be used for load balancing and data synchronization in an organization where requirements are expected to increase for employee count, frequency of access, and high availability.

7.5.1 Business Services with High Volatility

Consider a stock brokerage firm that has 10000 users and 100 relationship managers. The firm's primary requirement is to have immediate data availability with a good response time. Over a period of time, the number of users in the firm might increase. Under the current setup, the storage can be increased dynamically, but the response time will continuously decline. With an iFolder cluster, the physical server upgrade can be less painful with no downtime. Also, if the business grows at a particular location and declines at another location, users can be migrated to another iFolder server and the servers can be consolidated.