3.2 Tracking Places and People of Interest

3.2.1 Configuring Teaming to Track Folders and People

Because Ida will be editing articles written mainly by Julio and Anne, she decides that it would be beneficial if she could track Julio and Anne’s activity in Teaming. That way, she can get involved in every step of an article’s creation, and make herself available to provide ideas and direction, before the articles are submitted for editing.

  1. Ida navigates to Julio’s personal workspace.

  2. In the Main Sidebar, she clicks Track This Person.

  3. She then navigates to Anne’s personal workspace.

  4. In the Main Sidebar, she clicks Track This Person.

Also, Julio has created a Task folder called Editing Requests in the team workspace, where Julio and Anne post the articles they are planning to hand off to Ida in the near future. Ida wants to use this folder to better manage her workload, so she decides to track the folder:

  1. Ida navigates to the Editing Requests folder.

  2. In the Main Sidebar, she clicks Track This Folder.

3.2.2 Viewing Your Tracked Folders and People of Interest

Now, Ida can see what Julio and Anne have been working on, or if they have questions that she can answer. She can also quickly see if there are any new articles they are planning to hand off.

  1. She simply navigates to her personal workspace and clicks the What’s New tab.

  2. Then she selects Tracked Places.

    Teaming lists all of the new entries that have been posted to the folders that she is tracking, and lists the entries that have been contributed by the people she is tracking.

Ida sees that Anne, in her MiniBlog, is currently researching about terminology. Ida informs Anne on Anne’s Guestbook that she has posted relevant information in the team Research folder.