3.1 Finding What’s New

One key to effective and efficient teamwork is knowing what people are working on and what they are saying. Teaming 2.0 enables Ida to view the newest files and entries, wikis, discussions, and more. This enables her to quickly learn about the latest issues. She can also use Teaming as a way to keep track of what she’s been working on.

3.1.1 In a Specific Workspace or Folder

Because she’s new to the team, Ida wants to quickly see what the team’s been working on most recently. Fortunately, Teaming makes it easy to find new postings, whether you’re searching in a workspace or across the entire site.

  1. To get a feel for what the team’s been working on, Ida navigates to the Paperless Initiative Articles team workspace.

  2. She clicks What’s new.

    Teaming displays the most recent entries.

3.1.2 In Your Teams

Ida can find this same information without leaving her personal workspace.

  1. In her personal workspace, Ida clicks the What’s New tab.

  2. She selects My Teams.

    Teaming displays the most recent entries.