3.5 Viewing Your Coworkers’ MiniBlogs

Julio has been working on an article that he would like to have edited this afternoon. He checks Ida’s MiniBlog to see if she is available to edit the article.

3.5.1 Viewing The MiniBlogs of People You Are Tracking

  1. In addition to the What’s New tab in his personal workspace, Julio can click the MiniBlogs and Shared Items tab to view the MiniBlog entries of the people he is tracking.

    The left column of this page is entitled MiniBlogs, and displays the MiniBlog entries that his tracked people have submitted.

He reads Ida’s most recent MiniBlog, and knows that he has to deliver the article before 2:00 p.m.

3.5.2 Viewing The MiniBlogs of People You Are Not Tracking

  1. If Ida were not one of the people Julio was tracking, then he could simply navigate to Ida’s personal workspace, then select the MiniBlog folder.

    If he decides that it would be useful to view Ida’s MiniBlog entries on a regular basis, then he can select Track This Folder.