Uninstalling the Novell Client for Linux

You can uninstall the Novell Client for Linux using either of the following methods:

Uninstalling Using the YaST Control Center

  1. Launch the YaST Control Center.

    NLD GNOME: Click System > Administrator Settings.

    SUSE 9.3 GNOME: Click Desktop > YaST.

    NLD and SUSE 9.3 KDE: Click the menu button > System > YaST.

  2. Click Software in the left column, then click Install and Remove Software in the right column.

  3. Click Selections in the Filter drop-down list.

  4. Select the check box to the left of Novell Client for Linux until a trash can appears.

    This automatically selects all of the packages that need to be deleted.

  5. Click Accept to delete all of the selected packages.

    YaST displays the progress of the uninstall.

Uninstalling Using the Installation Script

To uninstall the Novell Client for Linux using the installation script, enter./ncl_install uninstall in a terminal window. You can run this command from the directory where you unarchived the Client download file or from the /opt/novell/ncl/bin directory. You must be logged in as root to run this command.