5.4 Types of Files

The following sections describe the files that are added during the installation of the Novell Client for Linux.

5.4.1 Configuration Files




Local user autologin configuration file. All fields in the Novell Login dialog box (except the password) are stored in this file.


This user configuration file specifies the drive mapping to run at startup. Integrated login is not required, but credentials must be saved or the login dialog box is displayed to get the password at desktop startup.


Optional global configuration file that overrides defaults. This file is modified only by the root user, normally with YaST through the Novell Client Configuration Wizard for the login page (click the Novell Tray icon, select System Settings, and start the Login wizard).

5.4.2 PAM Login Files




This file queries CASA credentials, verifies if autologin is allowed, verifies the user with credentials, then authenticates. This file is used in the context of integrated login.


PAM configuration file for the X Display Manager login.


PAM configuration file for the GNOME Display Manager login.


PAM configuration file for the KDE Display Manager login.


PAM configuration file for SSH login.

A “required” authentication module is added for each of the above GUI logins. The added text is auth required pam_ncl_autologin.so, which is added after the pam_micasa.so module (if it exists).

Authentication is not added for the two console login authentication files, /etc/pam.d/login and /etc/pam.d/sshd. This modification is done at install time and is removed at uninstall time.

IMPORTANT:For the root user, no tree authentication is performed, no automatic login scripts are run, and no drives are mapped. Therefore, the pam_ncl_autologin.so module always returns SUCCESSFUL, having done nothing for the root user.

5.4.3 User Profile Startup Files




If integrated login is enabled, then this shell script copies the ncl_autologin.desktop file to $HOME/.config/autostart directory.


This desktop file is copied to $HOME/.config/ autostart directory to enable integrated login.

5.4.4 KDE and GNOME Desktop Startup Files




Common Startup file for ncl_autologin.


Validates and runs nwlogin or gnwlogin.


This existing file silently authenticates and processes scripts.


GUI for authentication, processing scripts, and saving settings. This file adds a new tab (called Startup) to the Novell Login dialog box, which allows users to save their current login settings for use during the next system startup to automatically log in the user.

5.4.5 Installation Files




Run from YaST to purge all profiles.


Inserts pam_ncl_autologin into PAM file.


Removes pam_ncl_autologin from PAM file.