Novell Compliance Management Platform Extension for SAP* Environments 1.0 SP1

August 28, 2009

This document contains known issues for the Novell® Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP environments 1.0 SP1.

1.0 Documentation

The following sources provide information about the Novell Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP environments 1.0 SP1:

2.0 Known Issues

The following sections provide information for known issues at the time of the product release.

2.1 Identity Manager Role Mapping Administrator

The following items are issues you might encounter when using the Identity Manager Role Mapping Administrator.

2.1.1 Reading the License Agreement

If the license agreement scrolls by too fast during the installation, you can extract the license file from the IDMRMAP.jar file and read the license in a text editor. To do this, enter the following at a command prompt:

jar xf IDMRMAP.jar license.txt

2.1.2 Issues with the Role Mapping Administrator through Access Manager because of AJAX Restrictions

When the Access Gateway is providing access to the Role Mapping Administrator, session time-out handling can result in error messages, or it might look like the browser is hanging. These problems occur when the Access Manager session times out.

After a session has a hard or a soft session time-out, the next request that comes from the browser is redirected to the Access Manager Identity Provider. This is always a different URL, and AJAX applications are restricted from being redirected to a URL with a different scheme, name, or port.

The frequency of this problem can be reduced by setting the Identity Server time-out to a higher value or by making sure that the Role Mapping Administrator times out before the Identity Server.

2.1.3 Role Mapping Administrator Fails with Novell SecureLogin

The Identity Manager Role Mapping Administrator is not supported with Novell SecureLogin 6.1 at this time.

2.2 Sentinel 6.1 Connector for SAP XAL

The following is an issue you might encounter when installing the Connector for SAP XAL.

2.2.1 Error: Waiting to start the SAP data process

If the status of the event source object is Waiting to start the SAP data process..., the Connector had a problem loading the SAP data process when the Connector started. This usually caused by an incompatibility between the preinstalled version of the Visual Studio* 2005 redistributable binaries package and the SAP-provided sapjco3.dll (Java* native interfaces) library.

When Windows Server* 2003 R1 is installed, a version of the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable binaries pagages is also installed. The files in this version of the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable binaries package do not work with the sapjco3.dll.

You must install an updated version of the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable binaries package in order for the sapjco3.dll to work. Download and install the Visual Studios 2005 SP1 redistributable binary package.

This is not a problem with Windows Server 2003 R2.

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