2.2 Installing the NFS Gateway

After meeting the system requirements, you can proceed to install the NFS Gateway.

The NFS Gateway product upgrade from NetWare 6 Support Pack 3 to NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2 is supported.

However, if you have a version of the gateway previous to NetWare 6 Support Pack 3, then you still need to reinstall the NFS Gateway because an NFS Gateway upgrade from NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5 is not supported.

To install the NFS Gateway:

  1. Stop the NFS services.

    1. Enter the nfsstop command at the console prompt.

    2. Unload nfsadmin and pkernel by entering the following commands at the console prompt:

      unload nfsadmin

      unload pkernel

  2. Install the NFS Gateway using either NWCONFIG or the GUI install utility.

    1. Select Install a Product Not Listed.

    2. From the options displayed, select Press <F3> to Specify a Different Path.

    3. Specify the directory path where you extracted the NFS Gateway package and where the product.ni is present.

      Wait while the required installation files are copied.

    4. On the Welcome page, click Next to display the License agreement.

    5. Read and accept the license agreement.

    6. Install the product license by browsing to or specifying the NFS Gateway license filename (*.nlf), then click Next.


      Select Install without Licenses to proceed with the installation and install the license later by using either the NWADMIN utility or iManager.

    7. Click Next, make sure that NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.5 is displayed, then click Finish.

      Wait while the install copies new files and also backs up the existing files of Native File Access for UNIX.

      To understand and resolve error messages displayed during the install, refer to install.txt located in the product installation directory.

    8. (Conditional) If you have selected to install the product license in Step 2.f, then on the authentication screen, provide the username (administrator or admin equivalent), password, and context.

      This authenticates the administrator to the eDirectory™ tree where the license is to be installed.

    9. Click View to read the Readme file, or click Close.

  3. Installation of NFS Gateway Support Pack 1 for NetWare 6.5 automatically installs the latest NFS Gateway iManager plug-in or upgrades the existing plug-in. If the iManager version is 2.0.2, the NFS Gateway iManager plug-in is upgraded automatically. Restart the web server for the changes to take effect. If the iManager version is 2.5, the NFS Gateway iManager plug-in gets copied and the iManager home page displays the following note: "Notice: New iManager modules are available to install.". Click on the link and select NFSGYAdmin.npm to install.

    To install the NFS Gateway plug-in (nfsgyadmin.npm located at NfsGy\tomcat\4\webapps\nps\packages of the product package) manually, complete the steps given in the Downloading and Installing iManager Plug-in section of Novell iManager 2.x Administration Guide.

    For more information on administering the NFS Gateway using iManager, see Section 7.0, iManager-Based Administration.

  4. Restart the NetWare server.