Adding your Exchange Account to Evolution

After you have installed the Connector, you need to set up access for your Exchange account on both the Exchange server and within Evolution.

Exchange Server Settings

Check with your system administrator to ensure that:

The Novell Web site knowledgebase, at, has additional information about checking to make sure that your Exchange server accepts connections from Evolution.

Standard Configuration Tool for Evolution Connector

When you know that your server is ready for you to connect, you are ready to add your Exchange account to Evolution Connector.

Simple Configuration Tool for Evolution Connector

Evolution Connector 2.0 comes with a simple account creation tool for some installations. Other installations require the standard account tool described in Standard Configuration Tool for Evolution Connector below.

If you have no accounts configured, the simple assistant starts when you start Evolution. It asks only for the name of your Outlook Web Access server, and your username and password. Evolution Connector determines the remaining information on its own.

If the simple account tool does not run automatically, create an account as described below.

Creating a New Exchange Account

  1. Click Tools > Mail Settings.

  2. Click Accounts List, then click Add.

  3. Create the account following the procedure in Starting Evolution for the First Time.

Only one Microsoft Exchange account can be configured in Evolution at a time.

Changing an Existing Account to Work with Exchange

If you have an existing e-mail account, and want to convert it to use for Exchange:

  1. Click Tools > Settings, then click Mail Accounts.

  2. Select the account you want to convert, and click Edit.

  3. Click the Identity tab, then change your e-mail address as needed.

    Creating an Exchange Account, Step One: Identity

  4. Click the Receiving Mail tab, then select Microsoft Exchange as your server type.

  5. Type the name of your mail server, your user name, and select whether to use SSL.

    Creating an Exchange Account, Step Two: Receiving Mail

  6. Click the Receiving Options tab, then specify how often to check for new mail, your Global Catalog server name, your Exchange Mailbox name, your OWA path, your public folder server, and whether to apply filters to messages in your Inbox.

    Creating an Exchange Account, Step Three: Mail Options

  7. Click the Sending Mail tab, then select Microsoft Exchange as your server type.

  8. Specify the server name.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Quit Evolution and start it again. Changes to the Evolution Connector accounts configuration are not active until you have restarted the application.