Importing Your Old E-Mail

Evolution allows you to import old e-mail and contacts so that you don't need to worry about losing your old information.

Importing Single Files

Evolution can import the following types of files:

vCard (.vcf, .gcrd): The address book format used by the GNOME, KDE, and many other contact management applications. You should be able to export to vCard format from any address book application.

iCalendar or iCal (.ics): A format for storing calendar files. iCalendar is used by Palm OS handhelds, Evolution, and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Express 4 (.mbx): The e-mail file format used by Microsoft Outlook Express 4. For other versions of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, see the workaround described in Step 1.

LDAP Data Interchange Format (.LDIF): A standard data format for contact cards.

Berkley Mailbox (.mbox or null extension): The e-mail format used by Mozilla, Netscape, Evolution, Eudora*, and many other e-mail clients.

To import your old e-mail:

  1. Click File > Import.

  2. Click Forward.

  3. Select Import a Single File, then click Forward.

  4. Select the file to import, then click Forward.

  5. Click Import.

Importing Multiple Files

Evolution automates the import process for several applications it can recognize.

  1. Click File > Import.

  2. Click Forward.

  3. Select Import Data and Settings From Older Programs, then click Forward.

    Evolution searches for old mail programs and, if possible, import the data from them.

Microsoft Outlook and versions of Outlook Express after version 4 use proprietary formats that Evolution cannot read or import. One migration method that works well is to use the Outport application. See for additional information. You can also import data into another Windows mail client such as Mozilla:

  1. While in Windows, import your .pst files into Mozilla Mail (or another mail program such as Netscape or Eudora that uses the standard mbox format).

    Mozilla and Netscape users need to click File > Compact > All Folders from within the Netscape or Mozilla mail tool. Otherwise, Evolution imports and undeletes the messages in your Trash folders.

  2. Copy the files to the system or partition that Evolution is installed on.

  3. Use the Evolution import tool to import the files.

For POP mail, filters are applied as messages are downloaded. For IMAP mail, filters are applied to new messages when you open the Inbox folder. On Exchange servers, filters are not applied until you select your Inbox folder and click Actions > Apply Filters, or press Ctrl+Y. To force your filters to act on all messages in the folder, select the entire folder by pressing Ctrl+A, then apply the filters by pressing Ctrl+Y.