Searching for Messages

Most mail clients can search your messages for you, but Evolution does it faster than most because of its automatic search index.

To start searching, type a word or phrase in the text area below the toolbar, and choose a search type:

Subject Contains: Shows messages where the search text is in the subject line. It does not search in the message body.

Subject Does Not Contain: Finds messages that do not contain the search text in the subject.

Sender Contains: Finds messages whose From: header contains a match for your search text.

Recipients Contain: Finds messages with the search text in the To: and Cc: headers.

Body Contains: Searches only in message text, not the subject lines.

Body Does Not Contain: Finds every e-mail message that does not have the search text in the message body. It also show messages that have the search text in the subject line, if it is not also in the body.

Body or Subject Contains: Searches message subjects and the messages themselves for the word or phrase you've specified in the search field.

Message Contains: Searches the message body and all headers for the specified text.

When you've typed your search phrase, press Enter or click the Find Now button. Evolution will shows your search results in the message list.

For more complex search rules, select Advanced from the Search menu. You might want to create a vFolder instead; see Using vFolders for more detail.

When you have finished searching, go back to seeing all your messages by clicking the Clear button, or by entering a blank search.