eGuide lets you use the information in eDirectoryTM to create a "white pages" directory for your organization that users can access from their Web browser.

You can configure eGuide to publish any information that you choose to store in eDirectory.

For example, the default eGuide installation in NNLS lets users search for the names of all eDirectory User objects on your system. It lets them see the details for their own User objects that are stored in eDirectory, but it doesn't let them modify the eDirectory information. If they access other User objects, they can see only the e-mail address attributes associated with those objects.

You can configure eGuide so that users can see information for other users in your organization, such as their telephone numbers, office locations, job titles, and any other information you choose to store in eDirectory. You can also configure eGuide so that users can maintain their own information in eDirectory. You can even let them choose the information they want other users to be able to access.

Figure 10 summarizes the eGuide functionality available by default in NNLS 1.0.

Figure 10
How eGuide Works