5.1 Setting Properties During Installation

Use the Novell Client Install Manager to set properties for one or more workstations before an unattended install. This method saves you from having to set each workstation individually.

  1. Start the Novell Client Install Manager (nciman.exe) located in the admin folder in the directory where you unzipped the download file.

  2. Modify the installation options as needed.

    1. Double-click the configuration option that you want to modify in the Installation Configuration list box.

    2. In the property pages, set the parameters and then click OK.

      The values that you set appear in the right list box.

      HINT:You can set up one workstation the way you want other workstations to be set up, then use the Novell Client Install Manager to import the settings from that workstation's registry and save them to the configuration file you will use during the ACU install. After you set up the workstation, click File > Open Registry to import the settings into the Novell Client Install Manager.

      For information about setting properties on a single workstation, see Section 3.3, Configuring Network Protocols.

  3. Click File > Save.

    You can save the file with any filename that you want to use. For example, you could rename the file novell.txt and then use it in conjunction with an installation method: