8.2 Setting Up Point and Print

  1. Locate printer driver files from the Windows operating system CD-ROM or the Windows printer driver files supplied by the printer's manufacturer.

  2. Log in as Admin or as a user with Admin-equivalent rights for the printer or print queue.

  3. Select a printer or print queue in the Windows Explorer or Network Neighborhood.

  4. Click File > Properties > Setup Point and Print.

  5. Specify the path for the printer driver files.

    You must be logged in to the tree or server where the path is located. You must also have sufficient rights for the specified directory to copy the files there. Users need Read and File Scan rights for the specified directory.

  6. Click Select Printer Model.

  7. Select the manufacturer of the printer.

  8. Select the model of the printer.

  9. Click OK.

    The printer driver files are copied to the path specified in Step 5.

  10. Click OK again.