14.1 Planning Filr Desktop Application Usage for Your Filr Site

14.1.1 Understanding System Load

Depending on your environment and the settings that you choose for the Filr desktop application, the Filr desktop application can put a significant load on your Filr system.

Factors that affect the Filr load:

  • The number of users in your Filr system

  • The number of files that users plan to synchronize to their workstations with the Filr desktop application

  • Whether users have Home folders and how many files are in each user’s Home folder

    Home folders are synchronized by default to each user’s workstation

  • The synchronization schedule that you specify when configuring the Filr desktop application

If your environment is such that the Filr desktop application is likely to place significant load on your Filr system, consider making the Filr desktop application available to only a few hundred users to begin with. After the initial group of users have synchronized all files to their workstations and Filr is running smoothly, make the application available to another set of users. Continue this process until all users in your system are using the Filr desktop application.

For information about how to make the Filr desktop application available to only a subset of users, see Section 14.2.2, Configuring the Filr Desktop Application for Individual Users and Groups.

14.1.2 Understanding Rights Requirements for Installation

Administrator privileges are required when installing the Filr desktop application on user workstations (either through client management software or directly).