14.0 Configuring the Filr Desktop Application to Access Files

The Novell Filr desktop application enables you to work with Filr files on your personal computer. The Novell Filr desktop application synchronizes files from the Filr server with your personal workstation, allowing you to manage Filr files from the file system on your computer. For more information about the Novell Filr desktop application, see the Novell Filr Desktop Application for Windows Quick Start and the Novell Filr Desktop Application for Mac Quick Start.

As a Filr administrator, you must enable file synchronization for the Filr desktop application in order for users to take advantage of this functionality. There are also optional administrative procedures that you might want to perform when configuring the Filr desktop application.

If you make configuration changes, users must log out of the application and log in again in order to see the changes.

IMPORTANT:For optimal performance, users should not configure the Filr desktop application to synchronize more than 35,000 total files, or to synchronize individual files that are larger than 5 GB to their workstations.