B.0 Documentation Updates

The following changes have been made to this guide since the initial release of Novell Filr 1.2.



Summary of Changes

February 8, 2016

Section 1.8.1, Understanding Reverse Proxy and NetIQ Access Manager

Updated Access Manager requirements to NAM 4.1.1 or later.

Section 15.1.3, Meeting Filr Certificate Requirements on Windows 7

Clarified that adjusting FIPS is not required on Windows 7 if using NAM 4.1.1.

November 2015

MobileIron Environment Support.

Section added to clarify MobileIron support specifics.

Configuring Single Sign-On with KeyShield.

Section added.

Usage of the Filr Desktop Application.

Clarified how Just-in-Time synchronization affects the Desktop application.


Clarified that the Contributor role applies to a folder and its contents. Explained that the Contributor shared-access right allows deletion, renaming, and copying of the shared folder itself.