2.12 Managing Storage

Filr provides native tools to allow you to expand the storage space for the /vastorage and /var partitions. (You should have already created partitions for /vastorage and /var, as described in the Novell Filr 1.2 Installation and Configuration Guide.)

  1. Log in to the Novell appliance at https://server_url:9443, then click the Appliance Configuration icon.

  2. Click Storage.

  3. Use the tools provided by your virtualization platform vendor to expand the virtual disks that contain the partitions your are expanding.

  4. In the provided table, select the partitions to be expanded.

  5. Click Expand partitions.

    Appliance services are stopped, the selected partitions are expanded to the size of their respective disks, and appliance services are restarted.

  6. If there are any Bash console sessions open on the appliance, close them before proceeding to Step 7.

  7. Reboot the appliance so the operating system can detect the disks that have been expanded.