1.1 About Filr

Filr lets you do the following:

  • Access the files you need from

    • A web browser

    • Your desktop

    • A mobile device

    For more information, see Section 1.2, Accessing Filr.

  • Share files with co-workers.

    Grant rights to shared files

    For example:

    • Share a file with User A and grant Read-Only access.

    • Share the same file with User B and grant Edit access.

  • View what has been shared with you and by you.

    For more information, see Section 3.0, Sharing Files and Folders.

  • Collaborate through comments on shared files.

    Users with the share can see comments and make comments.

    For more information, see Section 6.2, Commenting on a File.

Filr makes files available through

1.1.1 Net Folders

Net Folders provides access to your organization’s file system. Your Filr administrator defines which Net Folders you can see and the sharing rights you have in them.

For more information about Net Folders, see Section 2.3, Accessing Files and Folders in Your Organization’s File System (Net Folders).

1.1.2 My Files

Your My Files area can contain one or both of the following, as defined by your Filr administrator:

  • Personal Storage for files and folders that you want to upload directly to the Filr site.

  • Your Home Directory on your organization’s file system.

Files and folders that are located in your My Files area are visible only to you by default. Your administrator determines your My Files sharing rights.