3.5 Synchronizing LDAP Users

Your OES 11 server is pre-configured with the eDirectory users shown in Figure 3-2.

Figure 3-2 The Pre-configured eDirectory Tree and the Users That It Contains

Importing users to Filr is accomplished by setting up LDAP synchronization with the eDirectory tree as follows:

  1. Using your administrative browser, access Filr through the following URL:

  2. If prompted, accept and trust the certificate.

  3. Sign in as User: admin with Password: admin.

  4. When prompted, change the password to novellfilr.

  5. Click admin (upper right), then select Administration Console.

  6. Under System, click LDAP.

  7. Click Add a New LDAP Source > OK.

  8. In the LDAP server URL field, type ldaps://

    This is the IP address of the OES server (oes-11 in Figure 3-2).

  9. In the User DN field, type cn=admin,o=filr-lab.

    This is the eDirectory tree Admin (Figure 3-2).

  10. In the Password field, type novellfilr.

  11. In the LDAP attribute that uniquely identifies a user or group field, type GUID.

  12. In the LDAP Attribute Used for Filr Name field replace uid with cn.

  13. Skip to the Base DN field, then type ou=users,ou=dev,o=filr-lab.

    This is the location of users red and pink in the eDirectory tree (Figure 3-2).

  14. Click Add to enter the next Base DN.

  15. Create Base DN entries for the following, clicking Add for each entry.

    • ou=users,ou=is,o=filr-lab

    • ou=users,ou=mrktg,o=filr-lab

    • ou=users,ou=sales,o=filr-lab

  16. Select the following options:

    • Enable Schedule

    • Run Immediately

    • Every Day

    • Repeat Every 0.25 Hours

  17. Select the following options for User synchronization:

    • Synchronize User Profiles

    • Register LDAP User Profiles Automatically

  18. Click Apply.

    The eight users in the four USERS containers are added.

  19. Do not close the Administration Console. Continue with Section 3.6, Setting Up Users’ My Files Folders.

For complete instructions on using Filr LDAP synchronization, see Synchronizing Users and Groups from an LDAP Directory, in the Novell Filr 1.0 Administration Guide.