3.2 Large Deployment: Software

  1. If you don’t already have a Novell account, register for one on the Novell Web site.

  2. Access the Novell Downloads Web page.

  3. Do a keyword search for Novell Filr.

  4. In the Results section, click the Novell Filr Evaluation Download button.

  5. Continue the download process until you have successfully downloaded the following:

    • Hands-on_Filr-windows.zip

    • The files for your virtualization platform:


      • Filr.x86_64-version.ovf.zip
      • Filrsearch.x86_64-version.ovf.zip
      • MySQL.x86_64-version.ovf.zip


      • Filr.x86_64-version.vhd.zip
      • Filrsearch.x86_64-version.vhd.zip
      • MySQL.x86_64-version.vhd.zip


      • Filr.x86_64-version.xen.tar
      • Filrsearch.x86_64-version.xen.tar
      • MySQL.x86_64-version.xen.tar
  6. Continue with Section 4.0, Creating Test Users.