1.0 Small or Large Deployment?

IMPORTANT:This guide covers only two deployment scenarios:

  • Small Deployment: A single all-in-one Filr appliance that performs all of the functions required to deliver Filr services.

  • Large Filr-Clustered Deployment: Multiple Filr, Filr Search, and MySQL appliances that perform the functions required to deliver Filr services.

    All recommendations and instructions in this guide involve two Filr Search appliances and at least two Filr appliances that access a common NFS shared storage location.

Large, non-shared Filr deployments are not discussed because performance and scalability testing have shown no significant differences between a non-shared Filr configuration and a small (single-appliance) configuration.

Before deploying Filr, you must determine whether your organization’s long-term needs dictate a small deployment or a large Filr-clustered deployment. The information in this guide can help you make that determination.

Figure 1-1 outlines basic capacity differences between small and large Filr-clustered deployments.

Figure 1-1 Current and Future Load Requirements Determine Which Deployment Can Meet Your Organization’s Needs

For more information on small and large deployments, see Small Installation Vs. Large Installation in the Novell Filr 1.0.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.