2.3 Supported Environments

2.3.1 IPV6 Support

The Messaging Agent and Archive Agent support the IPV6 protocol when it is available on the server. If IPV6 is available, the agent detects it and supports it by default, along with IPV4.

As you configure your Messenger system and specify the network address of an IPV6 server, you must specify its DNS hostname. IP Address fields in ConsoleOne do not accommodate the IPV6 address format.

IPV6 support is available both on Linux and Windows.

2.3.2 Clustering Support

You can set up your Messenger system in many different clustering environments, as described in the GroupWise 2014 Interoperability Guide.

If you are using one of these clustering environments, follow the installation instructions in the GroupWise 2014 Interoperability Guide, rather than the installation instructions in this guide.

2.3.3 Virtual Machine Support

You can install components of your Messenger system in virtual environments where a software program enables one physical server to function as if it were two or more physical servers. The following virtualization software is supported:

  • Xen virtualization on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, or Xen virtualization on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

  • VMware GSX Server, an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure for x86-based servers

  • VMware ESX Server, a data-center-class virtual infrastructure for mission-critical environments

For more information, see the VMware website.

2.3.4 Support for Mobile Workspace Solutions

The Novell Messenger client runs successfully when used with mobile workspace solutions such as Citrix and Terminal Services, provided that the solution is using a supported operating system. For information about which operating systems are supported, see Section 2.1, Messenger System Requirements.