2.1 How The Backup and Restore Process Works

Default Parameters

All of the scripts call the getparams.sh script to request the parameters from the user. The defbkparm.sh script is created by the Access Manager installation. It contains default parameters for several of options required by the underlying backup and restore utilities. If the entries in this file are commented out, the user is prompted for the additional parameters.


Certtool.jar is a key certificate utility for eDirectory™ built on top of the same interfaces that the Access Manager certificate management features use. It provides some features similar to the Java* keytool utility. It must run on a computer that has eDirectory installed, or at least NPKI. The basic command line to invoke the tool is:

java -Djava.library.path=/opt/novell/lib -jar certtool.jar -h

The -h option produces help listing of command line options.