8.1 Upgrading the Administration Console

Upgrade running time: about three minutes.

To upgrade to 3.0 SP4 IR2:

  1. Make a backup of your current Access Manager configuration. For instructions, see Backing Up and Restoring Components in the Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Administration Guide.

    IMPORTANT:You cannot restore data from a previous version of Access Manager to a new version. It is recommended that you create a new configuration backup whenever you upgrade to a newer version of Access Manager.

  2. If you have Red CarpetĀ® or auto update running, stop these programs before you upgrade the Access Manager Administration Console.

  3. Open a terminal window.

  4. Log in as the root user.

  5. Download the upgrade file from Novell and extract the file.

    One of the extracted files contains the Administration Console, the Identity Server, and SSL VPN. For the actual filename, see the Readme.

  6. After downloading the upgrade, unpack the tar.gz file by using the following command:

    tar -xzvf <filename>

    For this installation, you need to unpack the Identity Server .tar.gz file.

  7. Open the unpacked Identity Server file, and enter the following at the terminal window:

  8. When prompted to install a product, type 1 for Install Novell Access Manager Administration, then press the Enter key.

    The system detects whether the Administration Console is installed, and prompts you whether to upgrade.

  9. (Conditional) If the install does not detect a static IP address that Access Manager requires on your machine, you receive an advisory message asking whether or not you want to continue the installation.

    Type Y, then press Enter.

  10. Type Y when the system detects the previous version of the Administration Console, then press Enter.

  11. Review and accept the License Agreement.

  12. Specify the administration username.

    Press Enter to use admin as the default admin username, or change this to a username of your choice.

  13. Specify the administration password.

    Use alphanumeric characters only. You must remember this password because it gives rights to the administrator, the configuration store, and subsequent logins to the Administration Console.

  14. Confirm the password, then wait as the system upgrades the components.

  15. To verify that the console is running, log in to the console from a workstation (a machine other than where Administration Console is located).

If you encounter an error, see Section A.4.2, Troubleshooting the Administration Console Upgrade.