4.2 Upgrading Novell Cluster Services from NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5

To upgrade NetWare 5.1 servers running Novell Cluster Services to NetWare 6.5 servers running Novell 1.8.5 Cluster Services, you must perform the following tasks:

4.2.1 Preparing Cluster Servers for an Upgrade

If you are upgrading Novell Cluster Services from NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5 and your cluster has shared storage, you must prepare your cluster servers before upgrading them to NetWare 6.5 and before upgrading Novell Cluster Services. This preparation is necessary to ensure existing shared-volume trustee assignments can be used after the upgrade.

NOTE:This is not necessary if you are upgrading from NetWare 6 to NetWare 6.5.

To prepare cluster servers for an upgrade, from a NetWare client run nwdeploy.exe from the root of the NetWare 6.5 Operating System CD to launch the NetWare Deployment Manager, then complete the following steps:

  1. In the NetWare Deployment Manager, open the Network Preparation Folder and then click Prepare Cluster for Upgrade > Prepare a Cluster.

  2. Continue through the screens until you get to the screen that prompts you to select an existing cluster to prepare for upgrade.

  3. Specify the cluster name, eDirectory tree, and context for the cluster you are preparing for upgrade.

  4. Choose whether you want the servers you are going to upgrade to go down after completing the preparation for upgrading cluster servers, then click Next to run the program for preparing cluster servers for upgrade.

    Bringing down all cluster servers before an upgrade ensures NSS volumes on shared storage (your SAN) are deactivated prior to upgrading to NetWare 6.5.

After you have completed the process for preparing cluster servers for an upgrade, continue with Upgrading NetWare 5.1 Servers to NetWare 6.5.

4.2.2 Upgrading NetWare 5.1 Servers to NetWare 6.5

  1. Upgrade your NetWare 5.1 servers to NetWare 6.5 by following the instructions in Upgrading to NetWare 6.5 SP6 in the NW65 SP8: Installation Guide

After upgrading your servers to NetWare 6.5 and rebooting them, continue with Upgrading Novell Cluster Services Software.

4.2.3 Upgrading Novell Cluster Services Software

The same installation program used to install Novell Cluster Services software is also used to upgrade it. To upgrade Novell Cluster Services software, follow the instructions in Running the Installation Program.

After upgrading cluster software, continue with Completing the Cluster Upgrade.

4.2.4 Completing the Cluster Upgrade

Complete the cluster upgrade by using the Cluster View option in ConsoleOne. This automatically edits cluster load and unload scripts to remove upgrade-specific commands that were added during the cluster upgrade. It also automatically renames NSS Pool objects that were created during the upgrade and modifies them to reference virtual server objects instead of physical server objects.

  1. Start ConsoleOne and authenticate to the eDirectory tree where the Cluster object resides.

  2. Browse and select the Cluster object for the cluster you just upgraded.

  3. Go to the Cluster State View by clicking View > Cluster State from the menu at the top of the screen.

    The cluster upgrade process will automatically complete when you open the Cluster State View.