B.1 iPrint Client HTML Interface Description

The list of operations and identifiers is the same for each browser. The printer name and the operation to be performed are required parameters for all operations except op-client-interface version and op-client-version-info. All other parameters are operation-specific or optional. Operation-specific parameters that are used out of context are ignored.

If the desired output from the plug-in is HTML, a frameset needs to be used. This is to prevent some browsers from failing when they try to write to the document that invoked the plug-in. The name of the frame to receive the HTML page generated by the plug-in can be passed in using the target frame option. This target frame needs to be a named frame in the same frameset as the frame invoking the plug-in.

B.1.1 Internet Explorer Browser Customization

HTML Script Example

The ExecuteRequest() entry point simplifies HTML coding when working with Internet Explorer. It lets you pass/get information from the iPrint without having to reload a Web page.

A result type called object is implemented and should be used only in conjunction with ExecuteRequest(). You can use ExecuteRequest() and have it return results via HTML, URL, message box, or cookie. All data can be passed via the ExecuteRequest() second parameter. The first parameter is the operation. Both of the parameters are strings.

Syntax: variable=variable.ExecuteRequest("operation_string",additional_operation strings);

<object ID=iPrintAccess classid=clsid:36723f97-7aa0-11d4-8919-ff2d71d0d32c>


<script Language="javascript1.1">

var pStatus;

var params;

params = "printer-url=" + printerNameHere + "&result-type=object"

pStatus=iPrintAccess.ExecuteRequest("op-printer-get-status", params);



HTML Code Example

The following example defines the interface between HTML pages and the browser plug-in. The HTML element <OBJECT> is used to invoke the Internet Explorer plug-in (ienipp.ocx).




  <PARAM NAME=operation VALUE=op-printer-get-status>

  <PARAM NAME=printer-url VALUE=>

  <PARAM NAME=result-type VALUE=html>

  <PARAM NAME=target-frame VALUE=displayFrameName>