4.2 Installing Printers

You can install and distribute iPrint printers in the following ways:

NOTE:If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or other browsers with pop-up blocking, you might encounter problems with pop-up windows. To manage iPrint in iManager and to install printers with iPrint Clients, turn off pop-up blocking or allow the URL.

4.2.1 Using the iPrint Printer List Web Page

iPrint generates a list of printers associated with a Print Manager that can be used to install the iPrint Client, install an iPrint printer, or check the status and configuration of a printer including a list of print jobs.

  1. Enter the iPrint URL in your Web browser address field.

    The iPrint Printer List is located at http://server_IP_ address_or_dns_name/ipp.

  2. (Conditional) If the iPrint Client is not installed, install it when prompted.

  3. From the list of available printers, select the printer you want to install and follow the prompts.

    During the printer installation, iPrint downloads and installs the printer driver, if one is associated with the printer, and installs the printer on the user’s workstation. The first time a printer is installed, printer drivers are forced to the workstation, even if the workstation contains a newer driver. Print Managers refresh their saved copies of printer drivers for the printers they are hosting with updated printer drivers from the associated Driver Store.

4.2.2 Creating Location-Based Printing Web Pages

Location-based printing lets users select printers based on locations by using a list view or a map. Using a list view, printer locations can be displayed by using HTML pages organized by building, office location, eDirectory™ context, etc. You configure the lists in a way that best suits the users’ needs. For an example of using a list view, see /var/opt/novell/iprint/httpd/htdocs/ippdocs/examples/example2/innerweb.htm.

For more information, see Creating Customized Printer Lists.

Using the iPrint Map Designer, you can create maps of printer locations by using drag-and-drop technology. After the maps are created, they can be posted on a Web server for users to access. When users view the maps, they can find a printer close to their location and then click its icon. The client software (if not yet installed) and the printer are installed on their workstations. For an example of using a list view, see /var/opt/novell/iprint/httpd/htdocs/ippdocs/examples/example1/innerweb.htm.

For more information on using the iPrint Map designer, see Creating Location-Based Maps with iPrint Map Designer.

4.2.3 Removing iPrint Printers

Removing iPrint printers is dependent on your workstation’s operating system.

Linux: Deleting iPrint Printers

To remove iPrint printers, use the CUPS management utility included with your Linux distribution.

Macintosh: Deleting iPrint Printers

Use the print list management utility included with the operating system.

Windows: Deleting iPrint Printers

Use the printer folder to delete printers installed on your system.