C.6 Checking Printer Output and Using Test Files

Figure C-6 Problems with Printer Output Flowchart

C.6.1 Check availability of network printer (F1)

Make sure that the printer is set to accept jobs. In Novell iManager, verify that input is not paused.

C.6.2 Check for error messages (F2)

With many printing problems, an error is reported on the printer, the client trying to print, or the server. If an error condition exists, use the information provided to try to resolve the problem and then try again. If the error is on the printer, see your printer’s operating manual.

Also confirm that your Print objects are configured properly.

C.6.3 Test file prints but jobs from application do not (F3)

If the test file prints but jobs from the application do not, then there is a problem with the way the job is being formatted by the application or handled by the driver. Reinstall the current printer driver provided by the printer manufacturer. Also try printing from different applications to determine whether one application works while another does not. If this is the case, the problem is related to the application itself.

C.6.4 Job is being held in spooler (F4)

The job is being held in the job spooler. Check for job holds, delays, and priority settings. If one of these conditions exists, change the status to print the job. If the job prints, then see Test file prints but jobs from application do not (F3).

C.6.5 Job did not print but is no longer in the job list (F5)

If the job did not print but it is not in the job list, then the job was sent to the printer and no error was reported back to the system. Make sure you are checking the right physical printer.