3.3 Upgrading

All existing DNS/DHCP services can be upgraded from NetWare 5.1 SP6 or NetWare 6.0 SP3 to DNS/DHCP services in NetWare 6.5.

  1. In the Graphical Console of the NetWare server, select Novell > Install > Add new product path, then select the root directory of the source media.

  2. Select PRODUCTS.NI, then select the same DNS/DHCP services you would select for an installation.

If you don't select DNS/DHCP during upgrade, you can still do a post-installation by executing Step 1 and Step 2 by selecting POSTINST.NI instead of PRODUCTS.NI.

Before performing a post-installation, the operating system must be upgraded to NetWare 6.5.

While upgrading DNS/DHCP services to NetWare 6.5, the DNS/DHCP install comments out the existing load statements of the DNS service and retains the new load statement load named.nlm. The existing load statements are commented because they might contain some command line options that are not supported by the NetWare 6.5 DNS server. For a list of command line options supported by NetWare 6.5 DNS server, refer to Section 4.7, NAMED Command Line Options and Section 5.7, DHCPSRVR Command Line Options.