3.6 Uninstallation

To uninstall DNS/DHCP Services or the management utilities, see:

3.6.1 Uninstalling DNS/DHCP Services

  1. Run the NIS uninstall on the individual servers in the tree.

    This removes all the products.dat entries for the DNS/DHCP product and all load statements of DNS/DHCP services from the autoexec.ncf file.

    NOTE:This does not remove any objects or schema for the DNS/DHCP services from the tree. Deleting the schema and objects is not necessary because another DNS server might be using them. Because removing the schema and objects will have a tree-level impact, this action does not occur until the DNS/DHCP services are removed from all servers using NIS.

  2. Use the –r option of the dnipinst.nlm to remove the DNS/DHCP objects and the schema for the complete tree.

3.6.2 Uninstalling the iManager Utility

Uninstalling iManager 2.5 automatically uninstalls the DNS/DHCP iManager utility because the DNS/DHCP services uses iManager snap-ins.

3.6.3 Uninstalling the Java-Based Management Console

  1. From the Client workstation, click Start > Settings > Control Panel, then click Add or Remove Programs.

  2. Select dnsdhcp and click Remove.