5.15 Secondary IP Address

A secondary IP address can be configured on the same interface that has the primary IP address.

When multiple interfaces exist, the secondary address is associated with the interface that is bound to an address that is on the same network. If there are more than one interface on the same network, then you can select the interface to add the secondary IP address. If the secondary address is not valid on any of the networks bound to existing interfaces, the address is rejected and an error message is produced.

You can configure a secondary IP addresses by using Novell Remote Manager or INETCFG.

5.15.1 Using Novell Remote Manager

  1. Log in to Novell Remote Manager, then click Configure TCPIP > Start TCP/IP Configuration > TCP/IP to interface Bindings > an existing binding.

  2. Click the View/Modify button to the right of Secondary IP Address Support.

    Figure 5-14 Secondary IP Address Configuration of board_name Interface Window

  3. Set Secondary IP Address Status to Enabled, then click the Add button to the right of Secondary IP Address List on this Interface.

    Figure 5-15 Secondary IP Address Configuration Window

  4. In the Secondary IP Address Configuration window, type a secondary IP address.

  5. To add the secondary IP address as a non-ARPable one, set Arpable to No.

  6. To save your changes and return to the TCP/IP Configuration Menu window, click Apply > Apply > Save > Back.

  7. If you want these changes to take effect immediately, click Reinitialize Options.

5.15.2 Using INETCFG

  1. Load INETCFG, then select Bindings > an existing TCP/IP binding > Secondary IP Address Support.

  2. Select Secondary IP Address Status > Enabled.

  3. Select Secondary IP Address List on this Interface, to add, modify, or delete a secondary IP address.

  4. To add a Non-Arpable Secondary IP address, set the Arpable to No.

  5. Press Esc until you are prompted to save your changes, then select Yes.

  6. If you want these changes to take effect immediately, select Reinitialize System > Yes.