6.6 Monitoring TCP/IP Information

Monitoring TCP/IP information can give you a clear view of the status of your TCP/IP network and whether the router is configured properly to run efficiently in the network. This information can also be helpful in troubleshooting and optimizing of the network.

6.6.1 Checking the TCP/IP Routing Table

To check the TCP/IP routing table and information associated with each route, load TCPCON and then select IP Routing Table > Proceed > entry you want to view.

The IP Routing Table window shows you all known TCP/IP destination networks and the following information about each item:

  • IP address of the destination

  • IP address of the next hop router

  • Type of the route (direct, remote)

  • Primary cost for the route

  • Interface used to reach a route

The IP Route Information window expands on this by showing information about the mask used, the routing protocol through which the destination was learned, and the age of the route.

6.6.2 Monitoring the Configured TCP/IP Protocols

You can view, and sometimes change, the configuration of TCP/IP protocols configured for use in your router. You can reach this information by loading TCPCON and selecting Protocol Information. You can configure and view statistics and other information for the following protocols:

  • EGP

  • ICMP

  • IP

  • OSPF

  • TCP

  • UDP

For additional information about each protocol, press F1 to access online help.