4.3 Restoring NetWare Backups to OES 11 SP3 File Systems

This section describes steps to move data transparently between NetWare and OES 11 SP3 file systems:

4.3.1 Prerequisites

Linux Mode

The following section assumes that on OES TSAFS is running in the default mode of operation, and it is not using NetWare emulation.

NetWare Emulation Mode

If the NetWare emulation mode (see NetWare Emulation Mode) is used, then TSAFS on OES can be treated like a NetWare backup or restore.

NFS Name Space Support on OES

OES TSAFS supports only the NFS name space. This is to ensure consistency of pathnames for both NSS and non-NSS file systems on the same server.

4.3.2 Restoring NetWare Backups to NSS

When restoring data that was backed up from a NetWare source to the NSS file system on OES server, use the following guidelines:

  • The NFS name space should be enabled on the source from which the backup was taken.

  • The backup should be restored in the NFS name space on the OES server.

On restoring data to NSS volumes on an OES server, there is no data loss. All attributes and streams that are supported on NetWare are supported on an OES NSS volume.

4.3.3 Restoring NetWare Backups to Non-NSS File Systems

When restoring to NCP volumes under non-NSS file systems, the trustee assignments and inherited rights filters are preserved.

Both backup and restore operations use the Novell client libraries and hence require that the Novell client be installed on the server. For more information on how to install and configure the Novell client, see Novell Client for Linux Installation and Administration Guide