9.1 Startup and Connection Issues

novell-smdrd fails to start with the default AppArmor profile

Possible Cause: Novell AppArmor restricts the access to novell-smdrd.
Action: Using YaST, open Novell AppArmor > Update Profile Wizard and update novell-smdrd profile to grant the required access.

Unable to connect to target server or service

Possible Cause: SLP is not configured properly.
Action: Check SLP DA configuration and restart SLP services, followed by SMDR.
Possible Cause: SMDR failed to register to SLP because SMDR was loaded before SLP services were started.
Action: Restart SLP services followed by SMDR.
Possible Cause: The SMDR and the TSA are not loaded.
Action: Ensure that the SMDR and the TSA are loaded.

Unable to modify, SMDR listener IP address using iManager

Possible Cause: Changing the SMDR listener IP address is not supported through iManager.
Action: Manually change the IP address for SMDR listener in smdrd.conf file located at /etc/opt/novell/sms/. See smdrd.conf(5) man page for details on editing the configuration file.