9.3 Backup and Restore Issues

Restore Fails When TSAFS is Set to Netware Mode on a OES Server

Action: To resolve the issue, set the parameter tsamode to Linux in the /etc/opt/novell/sms/tsafs.conf file.

During full system restore, smdr crashes and restore fails

Possible Cause: SMDR uses dynamically loaded libraries from /lib folder for restoration. On a running machine, during full restore the entire file system is reloaded this causes SMDR to crash and fails to restore system libraries.
Action: During full system restore, you must restore the system libraries to a non-default path and not to the /lib folder. At a later time, move the restored libraries to /lib folder when file system is not in use.

Certain files do not get backed up on non-NSS file systems

Possible Cause: The connection user might not have access to read the files that are not being backed up.
Action: Connect as a user with higher privileges to back up these files.
Possible Cause: These files might have been created using a non-UTF-8 locale. TSAFS uses a UTF-8 locale to work with file names on non-NSS file systems.
Action: Use the TSAFS option as detailed in Code Page Support.

Backup or restore hangs on submitting a request

Possible Cause: Stale mount points on the Linux server. This causes TSAFS to wait indefinitely on the file system APIs.
Action: Check for stale mount points on the system and fix them by either remounting or unmounting the mount point.